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Campus Miguel Delibes. CTTA Building. 

Paseo de Belén, 9A. Mód 310.

Phone.: +34 983 548 192

47011 Valladolid




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José Aguado, Avenue. 41

24005. León

Edificio Bronce

Pza. Manuel Gómez Moreno, s/n

28020 Madrid

Seal of Cybersecurity for Organizations

7728477.png Any public or private organization that wants to demonstrate that it complies with cybersecurity requirements according to the AEI cybersecurity scheme.
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Final conference of the BioCyber project

Final conference of the BioCyber project
On Monday, November 9, the final conference of the Biocyber project will take place, a project funded by the Junta de Castilla y León, developed by...

Published 30 of October of 2020
›› Read more launchs the new "Cyber risk temperature tool” launchs the new
Often small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) relying on digital services do not realise how important it is to adequately invest in cybersecurity...

Published 27 of October of 2020
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