AEI de Seguridad - Agrupación Empesarial Innovadora para la seguridad de las redes y los sistemas de información

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Assocciation aims


The AEI performs a number of roles which include:



1. Promoting business and technological services implementation, engaging in regular dialogue with R&D entities, companies and professionals for the benefit of the industry. Providing general services to its associates on R&D, technological development and business implementation fields.    

2. Facilitating the cooperation and stimulating new strategies regarding competitiveness improvement framework at a national and international level on:

  • Security of information.
  • Security technologies.

3. Addressing collaborative exchange in innovative ICT industry projects execution, in order to increase the Spanish companies’ competitiveness at both, national and international levels. 

4. Promoting specialized training among ICT industry professionals and technological diffusion on the New Technologies field, at all levels, especially on the Association framework.

5. Furthering interest and knowledge of New Technologies sector among society administrations and both public and private entities and raising awareness of its importance for economic development, i.e. companies management, competitiveness and services quality.

Organization chart

Organization chart

Association governing and representative bodies:  

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Chairman
  • Vice-chairman
  • Secretary




It is the supreme association governing body, comprising all the Association members. The General Assembly meetings are ordinary or extraordinary.




It is the administrative, governing, and representative organ of the association, exercises the powers conferred under the statutes, except those entrusted to the General Assembly.




The chairman of the board of directors is at the same time the association President, and its representative.




Stands in for the president in case of absence illness or vacancies.




The secretary shall provide the secretariat services for the General Assembly and for the Board of Directors.



  • Chairman: Mr. Tomás Castro (PROCONSI)
  • Vice-chairman: Roberto Vidal (XERIDIA)
  • Secretary: Mr. Luis Panizo (LEON UNIVERSITY)
  • Member: Mr. Francisco A. Lago (INDRA)
  • Member: Mr. Julio César Miguel (GRUPO CFI) 
  • Member: Mr. Jesús Sanz (CSA)
  • Member: Mrs. Patricia Tejado (GMV)
  • Member: Mr. Ángel Luis LLorente (GLOBALES)

Seal of Cybersecurity for Organizations

7728477.png Any public or private organization that wants to demonstrate that it complies with cybersecurity requirements according to the AEI cybersecurity scheme.
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